What is an SSD – Why do I need one?

SSDs, or solid state drives are probably one of the best ways to give an old, slow computer new life. A lot of the time, when older computers start to slow down, it’s because the hard drive is starting to show its wear. The fact is, the hard drive is where all your data and programs are installed. If you need to open a file or launch a program, the hard drive is the main factor on how fast you see that file or program pop up on your screen. This is called a bottleneck, which basically means that the hard drive, is slowing down the rest of the computer because the rest of the computer can’t complete their tasks until the hard drive finishes loading whatever it is trying to load. This is oftentimes why opening chrome on an old computer may take a long time, but once it’s open, it starts to run faster. The fact of the matter is, most old machines in the 5 year old range aren’t always bad machines for certain tasks. Sometimes they just have one thing that is making it run slower than it should. Replacing these old spinning hard drives with SSDs can make your computer feel better than when you purchased the machine.

Unlike hard disk drives where there are moving parts and the data needs to be accessed by a physical needle that moves around a platter, SSDs have no moving parts and can access data from any location on the drive instantly, without having to spin a disk and move a needle around, wasting precious time. This can improve load times by crazy factors and leave your machine feeling snappy.

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