COVID-19 and Working from Home

Here at MTEKz, we are closely monitoring the latest about the coronavirus. We are doing everything in our power to make sure we are prepared. Which is why you can count on us to be there for you if you need any help with working from home. We want all of our current and future customers to have the ability to work from home

What we are Doing

We are rigorously cleaning our shop and keeping everything disinfected for everyone’s safety. Our employees are all required to wash there hands before and after working on someone’s device. We are also making sure we are keeping our inventory stocked with the right equipment to allow people to work from home.

Working from Home

With the current landscape, we understand that a lot of people need to be working from home. With the recommendations of Mike Dewine, the ability to work from home has become more common in the coming weeks. Which is why we are offering custom solutions for your business needs to stay up and running during this pandemic.

What we can Offer

We offer the ability to VPN into your company, remote into work computers and also more robust server solutions to keep your business operational.


Keep your traffic safe and secure using a VPN. VPNs let you connect to your company intranet without actually physically being there in person. This allows you to browse company information without putting your data at risk. VPNs offer enterprise grade encryption to protect you from hackers sniffing our your data.

Remote Sessions

We offer the ability to control a desktop remotely from home or anywhere in the world with a solid internet connection. Just because you are not at work does mean you cannot still work.

Robust Server Solutions

Keep your business centralized. We offer the ability to keep your data on our servers and let you access work from anywhere! Whether it’s QuickBooks, Office, or any other software, we can keep it all in one place and make it accessible from anywhere.

Keep your data safe with our data redundancy and rigorous backup solutions. Never lose data again!

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