3 Things to Consider When Taking Your Phone to be Repaired.

Phone’s are our life. They contain all of our most personal data and do virtually anything you want them to do these days. So when your phone breaks, it can be difficult to trust just anyone with your device.

Lucky for you, there are a few things that you can look for when researching which repair shop is going to treat your phone repair with care.

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Check the Repair Shop’s Reviews

Check Reviews before getting your phone repaired. This is true for almost any company, but especially true for cell phone repair. Check not only how many stars they have but also check how many reviews they have. Be wary of companies with not a lot of reviews.

There are a ton of cell phone repair companies out there and they are not all created equal. Finding the right shop is the most important step in the phone repair process. It could be the difference between a fixed phone and a broken phone.

Cheaper isn’t Always Better

Sometimes the cheapest option isn’t always the best option. Although some repair shops offer, for example, a screen repair, doesn’t mean all screen repair is the same. Apple is very picky with what screens get used in their devices. On newer iPhones, the selfie camera needs to be moved over to the new phone because it needs to be the right part to maximize compatibility with features like FaceID.

At MTEKz, we use proven parts with our customer’s devices. Our experience with all of the major phone brands gives us an advantage when it comes to what parts to order. Apple for example doesn’t support True Tone on any other screen than the one that came with your phone. At MTEKz, we provide parts that work fully with your device.

Phone Repair Equipment

Using the right equipment is crucial to getting repairs just right. We use quality tools so screws don’t get stripped and damage is minimized when taking phones apart. We use magnetic mats to keep each screw in line to ensure everything gets put back together exactly the way it came.

There are common issues with iPhones and other phones called “Long Screw” where the wrong screws get put into the phone and ultimately get bricked. Using the right equipment is crucial to stop these mistakes from happening in the first place.

In our experience, we have seen a ton of phones that have been broken by other repair shops through negligence. In some cases we see more phones that have been damaged by other repair shops than phones that have been brought in by customers.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion, there is more to phone repair than you think. Making sure you take your phone to the right place is very important. Your phone can go from fixable to unfixable very quick if you choose the wrong repair shop. Being aware of things to look for in a repair shop is very important to customers especially when there is an abundance of repair shops popping up.

At MTEKz, we pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction rates and our vigorous quality standards.

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