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We provide repair to virtually any type of tech, from cellphones to computers and everything in between.


We provide computer maintenance services such as tune-ups, driver updates, and dust/pet hair removal.

Tech Solutions

Have a project? We provide tech solutions for virtually any project, from setting up software to building custom machines tailored to you.

Need a New Device?

We offer a wide variety of devices from laptops, desktops, phones, accessories and more! Stop by today to find the right device for you!

Cellphone/Tablet Services

We repair cellphones/tablets, Including Screen's, batteries, charge ports, ROOT, Softbrick, virus removal, data recovery, and many more.‚Äč

iPhone Service
Trade in

Buy and Trade

At MTekz we realize that the computer or laptop you have may be a few years old and outdated, but you still spent your hard earned money on this item. Why not get a return on your investment and make some cash on items such as computers, laptops, monitors, hard drives, graphics cards and much more. Better yet why not trade your gently used items in for new item in the form of a purchase credit.

Data Solutions

We recover business and personal data such as files, documents, pictures, music, and favorites.

We also perform data back-up to removable media such as Flash Drives, DVD/CD Discs, and External Hard Drives.

Hard Drive Cloning as an added layer of redundancy.

Data Services
Gaming Builds

Gaming Builds

We design, custom build, and sell made-to-order Gaming Machines, both Intel and AMD.

We also advise, sell, and/or install all hardware upgrades for all Gaming Machines.

At MTekz, we have a passion for gaming and we have several custom pre-built gaming machines. We can also build your gaming machine to any spec. Buying pre-built offers you more expandability and will save you money. Where else can you get more for less?

Upgrade Solutions

We provide hardware upgrades, such as Motherboards, RAM, Processors, Video Cards, Solid State Drives, Mechanical Hard Drives, Power Supplies, etc. We provide Operating Systems software upgrades, Microsoft Office upgrades, Antivirus Protection upgrades, and other software upgrades.

Computer Upgrade Services
Security Service

Virus/Malware Solutions

We remove Viral and Malware infections including Ransomware, Trojans, Crypto-lockers, rootkits, and Rogues.

We also install Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Software.

Other Services

Business and Personal Preference Solutions

We evaluate business and personal computing needs and make recommendations.

Maintenance Solutions

We provide computer maintenance services such as tune-ups, driver updates, and dust/pet hair removal.

Hardware Solutions

We service and repair desktop and laptop computers and all associated hardware including Laptop LCD screens and Keyboards.

Software Solutions

We provide software assessment, installation, and re-installation of Operating Systems, Drivers, Peripherals, and Customer Provided Programs.

Internet Connectivity Solutions

We assess and repair computer related internet connectivity problems.

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